Sunday, 23 October 2011

Gel medium transfers

This week was a busy week, my kids were on school holidays, hubby was painting our bedroom and my little doggy went in to the vets to be neutered, so I didn't have a lot of time on my hands.

 I had some girlies sketched in my moleskine and decided to gel transfer them onto some pre-prepped canvasboards rather than my usual sketching straight to canvasboard.
 I hadn't done a soft gel medium transfer in years and forgot how easy it was, it only took a minute to do and saved me a lot of sketching time. (for those that don't know what this is i've tried explaining it in the 'comments' section)
2 of these girlies are from the same sketch but painted up differently, I am really happy with how they turned out.
I hope you like them :o)

As always they are now in my etsy shop ready for a new home :o)

Quiet Moments:

Listen To Your Heart:

Lost In A Dream:


Before I toddle off i'd like to give some linky love to 2 people

 First of all to the lovely Jo of Art by JoJo who after a looooong time of not blogging has just stepped back in to blogland and i'm sure you would all love to visit her :o)

And second of all to the uber talented Katie Rose Clausen who has just opened up her etsy shop and is filling it with some gorgeous goodies, I am mesmerized by her paintings as i'm sure you will be if you go take a peek, hint hint ;o)

Happy weekend

Micki x


  1. Oh Micki, they are ALL so beautiful!! I am drawn to the red head. I'm sure you see a lot of red heads in my work too and the only explanation I have is that my little granddaughter has red hair perhaps? We don't really know where she got it, but I love it! :) Your work is inspiring...AS ALWAYS!

  2. They are all gorgeous and yes I had forgotten about transfers too so thanks for reminding me!

  3. These are all wonderful! I love the stylized flowers in "lost in a dream"--very dreamy! I don't know what the transfer gel is you are talking about. I usually sketch my work and then cut out the sketches, piece by piece and trace around them onto my canvas.

  4. Cris all I did was scan my sketches, flip the images on the computer then printed them out.
    I then covered the image with golden's soft gel 'matte', smoothed it onto the canvasboard, waited one minute then peeled off the paper and voila, the image was on my canvas board.
    It is pretty easy to do but does leave behind a slightly 'furry' feel, so I then slap on some more soft gel matte to smooth it out a bit before starting to paint :)

    I hope that makes sense?


  5. These are gorgeous Micki! Love the idea of the gel transfers! I did it by accident once with pod podge and have never been back to try it for real. Love seeing how these turned out. Beautiful.

  6. I have never tried this either....though, I don't really 1 sketchbook is rather bare...and I've had it over 6 months now. I guess I just dive straight in when I have the time...haha!

    These are super dreamy, Micki...there's a softness and a realism to them....I love your themes and the fact that each "batch" of girlies exudes that theme....
    This lot is stunning!
    Off I go to check out Michele's daughter's Etsy store....I've seen her work...she is INCREDIBLE!

    Have a wonderful week,

  7. Oh Micki how fabulously kind you are...Thank You so so much for giving me a mention on your wonderful blog, you're so kind, big hugs xxx I always look forward to reading your updates and seeing what delights you have created for us to drule over and this week you have not failed to treat us, I love all of them as usual. I especially love the one with the red background and the polka dot hair, how wonderful :o)
    Ditto re the gel transfers, although I've not used them much and certainly not for a very long time but it's a great technique to use to transfer pre-drawn images. xxx

  8. Howdy.

    Loving the latest stuff Micki! You are evolving rather magnificently! And thank you for linking Katie Potatie. She is also rather magnificent and I will tell her your kind deed when she finally leaves her bed!

  9. love this idea Micki, they came up really great!

  10. Thank you so much Micki! You are so kind :) x

  11. they are all so beautiful Micki! Love the deep red color in Listen to your heart! xo Michele

  12. Beautiful!! I really like the red background/polka dot gal!

  13. Great stuff Micki!! Listen to your heart is my favourite ;o) Have a great one!

  14. Thank you for sharing the gel transfer technique. I have never tried this before and can't wait. My favorite is "curious". I love the colors and the background.

  15. Micki, Micki, Micki,
    Awesome work, as always. I think my fav this week would have to be 'Curious'. I look forward to seeing your post every week. I sit down with a coffee, ready to view your post. Thanks for sharing your masterpieces.
    Kyles :D

  16. All really beautiful, but Listen to your heart my favorite. Love the colors.

  17. hi, i'm new to your blog. you might now me as opal kiehm on flickr though. :)Lost In A Dream is my favorite. :)

  18. Great to see you in blogland Opal :)

  19. Gorgeous stuff! I haven't come across the transfer method you said about, I'd like to try it though!
    Jess x

  20. Oh, what a great idea to use transfers. I only wonder did you use inkjet or laser print? I know they behave diferently.
    I love Listen to your heart.

  21. Hi Sonja, I didn't think of that, I used an inkjet printer if that's any help :)

  22. What a good idea to use the same sketch, but then add different details.

  23. They look great Micki, no wonder "Curious" is reserved already !
    Also love your new banner angel girl, are you doing GutArt @ Mystele ?

  24. Thanks Joyce.
    I had intended on doing the gut art class with Mystele but unfortunately don't have the money or the time right now, so will have to wait for another time :(

  25. They look top !!!! great technique saves alot of time they look fantastic as always love x I still want to slap lady edith and if branson and Sybil do not snog this week im going to burst xx

  26. Thanks for your visit Micki! PLEASE let yourselve be video taped while painting these fabulous girlies. I would love to watch the magic!!

  27. these are wonderful
    awesome to transfer your art like this~

  28. Wonderful Micki! I love them. Now off to read about the gel thingy...I am quite clueless.

  29. OH MIcki, So glad to see you creating such beautiful pieces!! Sounds like life keeps you so busy..I don't know how you do it all!!!! I LOVE them all. Thanks for sharing your transfer idea. I have never heard of this and it sounds like fun!! :) Keep having fun and creating your beautiful art!! hugs, Amy

  30. Oh my...
    "quiet moments", and "lost in a dream", are really wonderful !!
    I love it !!

    Cheers !!

  31. These are lovely! I've never tried a gel medium transfer, but maybe it would help encourage me to sketch!


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