Sunday, 9 October 2011

cold weather, birds and mail art :o)

I know last week I mentioned that I would post details of the mail art January swap in this post but I still haven't sorted it out yet :(
My daughter has been off 2 days this week because she hurt her knee and I have been having issues with getting the supplies I need too, so the mail art details will have to wait a while i'm afraid....sorry guys, I will post details as soon as I have them though and I will probably make a seperate post about it rather than lump it in with my weekly update.


Now on to this weeks work :o)

My daughter had a letter home from school about a film club after school hours where they will get the chance to watch all kinds of different films from other cultures and times, it got me thinking about black and white films and old black and white photos and then before I could blink this little lady popped onto the canvasboard :o)


I'm a little bit in love with this lady, she looks kinda spooky but nice at the same time, she seemed like she had a lot to say so I called her.....

The Storyteller:

I'm having a bit of a 'thing' for big hair at the moment especially big hair with 'stuff' in it.
first it was little red with the wolfie in her hair and now it's this lady with birdies in her hair, hmmmm I wonder what else I could put in hair ;o)

Well it has finally started to get colder after the big heat wave we had last week, it was suddenly time to get the warmer coats out, what could be lovelier than a big furry collar in cold weather?
This lady does it with style ;o)

 Drama Queen:

Until next time :o)

Micki x


  1. I've been looking forward to your new post and was delighted to find one today! Yay! Your paintings all turned out lovely...Birds and Drama Queen are my that white hair (probably since my own hair is turning white so fast). Hee hee.

    Have a great day and week Micki!

    I will be watching my mailbox soon...can't wait!

  2. They are all fabulous but I love the Storyteller(the owl makes it fun). Hope your daughter is n the mend.

  3. I love all of them! The storyteller is so cool with the owl and I love how you used green in her facial shadowing~

  4. Love them all - especially storyteller!
    Aah ... How I hang out for your blog posts!

  5. So nice, I love the Bird! hugs Dominika

  6. I hope your daughters knee is ok ;o) And, of course, I love all your paintings! Amazing! Really amazing!!!

  7. Micki, they are all just wonderful!! I can't decide which I love most, first I thought Birds, then Drama Queen, aw heck I just love them all! Fabulous as always! xo Michele

  8. Already favorited on Etsy the Storyteller.....loves me some owls.....adores me some Micki girls and owls :D

    Can't wait to hear more about the mail art swap :)

  9. Your art always amazes me. I love the softness in the expression.

  10. Gorgeous work Micki! I love the one with the bird of course. Oh I love all of them really!
    Jess xx

  11. All of the new paintings are beautiful. I especially love the girl with the birds in her hair. Grogeous! xoxo

  12. Love them all magic as always.... yes did watch downton very touching when Matthew came in and started singing with Mary I think they will end up together somehow carlise will turn out to be a nasty bleep and maybe he will publish the story about her and the Turkish man as for Sybil and Branson she looks tempted to run away with him hes cute in a cocky kind of way ............ its only speculation hope your Daughter gets well very soon xx

  13. I just love the depth and color of your girls. And the hair, to die for. Just beautiful!
    Hope your daughters knee starts feeling better soon and the film class sounds so fun.

  14. You DO have a big hair thing happening! Love them all...such beautiful faces. And the colors are so gorgeous.

  15. the storyteller is amazing; the colors are suited to our beautiful autumn season, and to the mystery of undfolding stories. i love the owl on her shoulder too. i think this one is truly a favourite.
    xo sandra

  16. Oh Wow !!!
    All this is absolutely beautiful! I admire and dreamy!
    You have a lot of talent !!!

    Is it possible to book one of your paintings?
    I want to buy "Drama Queen", but I receive my salary the November 8 ...
    Can this be done?

    Have a good day,


  17. I have just sent you a message via your blog :)

    Thanks x

  18. Wow, these are all just stunning. Love those beautiful faces and rich colors. Very beautiful! Great work :)

  19. I've just been on Sunny's blog and came here to have a look ! I love all your art as -its my favourite -female form


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